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Jeff Haas
Composer/pianist/bandleader Jeff Haas has over 100 compositions in his book of original music including 5 major commissions. Check out recordings by Haas & Friends and order your own sheet music (available for any instrumentation) on the Second Street Music section of the website.

Jeff performs in a variety of formats; solo, trio, quintet with trumpet legend Marcus Belgrave, tentet with Marcus and saxophone master George Benson and double quartet (jazz and string quartet) featuring the Phoenix Ensemble String Quartet. Jeff and his bandmates perform in concert venues, clubs & festivals, schools, colleges & universities, synagogues, temples, churches & community centers.

Haas & Friends also regularly conduct performance workshops in K-12 public schools. These engaging workshops use Jeff's original music as a springboard for interactive discussion about gaining more awareness and understanding of people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Karl HaasIn loving memory of my father, Karl Haas (1913 - 2005)


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