Reglazing a Window

When your house has already existed for many years then you should expect that the glazing on your windows has deteriorated because of a lot of factors that we purposefully avoid. But you have to keep in mind that the glazing on a window is very much important because it acts as a barrier with the wood and the glass so that there will be no water from rain or air from pollution that can come in your house.

Reglazing a Window

It is better for you to re-do the glazing once in a while so that this will give you a fresher window which is free from any substance or particles from the world outside your home.

1st: Assess the condition

Make sure that before you go into a repair, you need to know the condition of the object so that it will give you a focal point on how should you repair it. If you see that there is something wrong, then you should already re-do the glazing on your window for you to avoid more difficulties and problems along the way.

2nd: Eradicate the past glazing

You should first remove the part that lets your window move which is called the sash. The sash can be removed the stops in them so that it can move easily, these stops can be found directly vertical to the position of the sash. If the locks of the sash is painted then there will be a need for you to get the hardened paint so that you will have no difficulty upon executing this task and make sure that you put at least three screws for it to more secure.

Those glazing that have gone bad; you must remove all of them so that you can replace them with a new one. A scraper and a knife are the things that you can use if you want to remove the glazing from the past. Do this on a very controlled manner because if you do it too hard then you will break the wood and the window. You can make use of a heat gun so that it will make the glazing softer by the moment you would like to remove them.

3rd: Take a look at the wood frame

Make sure that your wood frame does not need repair from the deterioration of it through time and from eradicating the past glaze. You do not have to prime it and we have confirmed this information through people who are experts in this field.

4th: Do the reglazing

If you have already replaced the old glass with a new one then it is the right time for you to apply the putty. If the container that you have is small then you can stick with a half-pint and you can easily find this on the hardware store in a very affordable price.

You can glaze your window by pressing the glaze into the frame and the glass so that it will become smoother and you can just push the excess on any wood objects including the glass.

If you do not find charm on these windows then you must read more articles about upvc windows and many more to learn a lot about these products.


The Advantages of a Double Glazed Window

According to many people, it is better to have a double glazed window. But if you have not yet experienced how great it is to have one then we have kindly put up a list on why you should make your windows as a double glazed window. We appreciate it if you would visit us through the end page of our article.

Double Glazed Window

Rest assured ladies and gentlemen, you will really feel the importance and the existence of these benefits that you can get from a double glazed window.


During winter, it is a good idea to have a double glazed window because it is a great form of insulation and according to experts, 80% of the cold coming from the season can be eliminated if you have a double glazed window. And it will really cling to the heat that the sun limitedly produces during this time of the year.

And in summer, this can also work well because it is an insulator especially perfect for home that gets hot during this season and it will also trap the temperature that is coming from the outside which came from the rays of the sun and it will also prevent your window from accumulating heat in a very sunny season.


You can also save electricity bills because you will not be turning your heater on when it is winter or your air conditioning unit during the season of summer. As what have been mentioned above, the double glazed window is very much useful when you want to take away the heat and the coldness coming from any weather you are in your country. The effect of this is easily seen on your current electricity bill and for sure, you will be shookt by the results.


Mold and mildew is not what you need in your home but these are substances that you can prevent from entering your home especially when it is really old in age. If this will continue, then it will damage your windows and other parts of your home especially the window frames which are made from timber. The reaction of this substance will not be satisfying at all because it can cause your property damage and therefore that means that you will be spending a lot of money for repairs and stuff like that. If you have a double glazed window then it will be easier for you to avoid those mold and mildew.


If you do not fancy a house that is easily disturbed by noises from the outside like car honks, washing machines, lawn mowers and anything related then you should get a double glazed window because it is also a good way for you to get ready of the noise pollution since it cancels our noises from the outside therefore, your home will be quieter and peaceful for the rest of your life. This is very useful to people who lives in the areas near the city.

If you are interested in getting one then you must consider the help of the professionals in this field and they will be giving you more advice and benefits plus they can also introduce you and your family to newer inventions and the things that has a lot of use for your home just like upvc doors and the like. Reach their help and you will not regret it when it is finished. You can also do door glazing. All you need is a upvc door glazing company to do it.


A Step by Step Guide on How to Glaze a Window

There are many benefits of a glazed window and for sure, a lot of home owners are very eager to transform or glaze their windows so that they will belong to those people who are very lucky to have glazed windows.

Glaze a Window

We have put up a step by step guide on how you could glaze your window and make it more awesome. Follow through to learn more.

The very first thing that you should do is to remove the old putty. You just have to remove or open up those old glazing compound with a putty knife that you can rent or you can buy in hardware stores. If you cannot do it with the knife, then melt it using a heat gun so that you can easily scrape the excess putty on it.  When your windows are single-pane windows then it is usually inhabited by those glazing compounds because they are being put there for a reason and that is to keep it from moving and to seal the outside weather. This putty is very much durable but through the test of time, it will crack and it will fall from your window and if that happens, water or even wind can penetrate your windows. If your window pane is bigger then it will take you more time (more than an hour).

You can do this on your own if you do not want to pay for window or glass repair services. The technique is to put your window on a flat level so that you can easily clamp it. For you to be safe during the process, we recommend that you wear a protective eye covering and gloves.

The next step is to set a new glass and put putty on your window. If your window glass is broken, you must repair this and put a new one as a replacement so that you will not go back and forth with your job. The technique of putting a new glass is to measure the opening part and take away 1/8 inches from the measurement and you can buy a glass that matches that measurement and do not forget to include the thickness of the glass or you can let professionals cut a new glass for you.

You can glaze the glass and put a distance of about seven to eight inches from each other and if there are excess parts of it, you can use your knife again to remove this.  If you want to buy the best putty then choose an oil-based one so that it will be smoother and neater. You can better work with it when it is still hot so boil a bowl of hot water so that you can easily mold it and put it on your window.

You can have a proper reading on many online articles about the benefits of a glazed window especially a double glazed window. And if you are just starting to create your own house, we suggest that you include this option so that you can also have a completely wonderful home.